Our Mission

“Living our lives to reflect the characteristics of Christ.”

At Oil City Church of the Nazarene it is our mission to provide people of all walks of life an opportunity to experience God. 

Living our lives” we are a part of our community and want to share our Faith in Christ with everyone we meet.  We want our community to know that the Oil City Church of the Nazarene loves our neighbors.  We will be a part of the community through outreach, mission, and services.

to Reflect” As we all know there is no such thing as a perfect reflection but within our imperfections we long to show our community the Mercy of Christ. We want our community to know that God loves them no matter how rich or poor, young or old, good or bad.  God wants you just as you are.

the Characteristics of Christ” We will show our community the Love of Christ.  We will teach what it means to be a true follower of Christ.  Not just to speak about God but to live out our faith by loving others as Christ loved us.  We will learn how to live and share about Christ.